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Children’s well-being programme

TYN hosts a bi-monthly Children’s well-being programme

In line with our objective to support the Tigrayan youth in the UK, TYN regularly host a programme for 7-16 year olds to tackle feelings of distress, education about Tigray, forging relationships with other children in the community, future planning and anything else they may need guidance with.

Intended objectives

  • Build and foster resilience, empathy, and kindness.
  • Reflect on the importance of wellbeing. 
  • Learn some coping techniques to support with anxiety.  
  • Develop self-awareness and empower themselves to help with their own wellbeing.
  • Provide information and awareness on culture, tradition, and norms.
  • Reflect on ways to centre culture and education in wellbeing.
  • Provide a space for children and young people to meet and establish relationships with others in the community.
  • Encourage children and young people to establish meaningful connections with their peers.


Children and young people will be divided by age groups, under 12s (7-12). 12+ (12-16), children and young people will be split into smaller groups based on age and allocated one volunteer. There will be 3-4 volunteers to plan and run these sessions to ensure longevity of this initiative.

Twice a month

TYN has organised sessions twice a month, to cope with children’s anxieties and difficulties of navigating the trauma of the past two years and provide education regarding Tigrayan culture and tradition.

Trained professionals will be invited to sessions intended to deal with grief, trauma, and distress.

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