A few to highlight from 2023

Bahli Tigray - 2023

TYN hosted Bahli Tigray; a fundraising event in January 2023 to showcase the beautiful Tigrayan culture.
The youth shared various elements of the rich culture by illustrating Tigrayan attire, dance, poetry, food, drink and much more. Funds raised were donated to Keradion; a charity providing aid to young children impacted by Tigray genocide.

Ashenda Flash Mob

TYN in collaboration with Tigray Womens Association London hosted an Ashenda Street Party in 2023
As a prequel to the UK Ashenda fundraiser, TYN women took part in a flash mob across London grabbing the attention of the public and raising awareness of Tigrayan culture.
TYN hosts a bi-weekly Children’s well-being programme - (Ongoing)

In line with our objective to support the Tigrayan youth in the UK, TYN regularly host a programme for 7-16 year olds to tackle feelings of distress, education about Tigray, forging relationships with other children in the community, future planning and anything else they may need guidance with.

WE. ARE. HERE. Panel Discussions

TYN has hosted multiple panel discussions in 2023

Most recently focused on the Plight of Tigrayan Refugees, we were joined by member of parliament (MP) Sally Keeble, Dr. Hailu Hagos and Dr. Hilawi Arega.


Tigray Youth Network has also previously hosted a Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI) panel discussion to address some of the gaps within frameworks used to deal with SGBV in conflict,  in parallel to the international conference in Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI) 


Stay Tuned!

These are just a few of the many events TYN has hosted. We have held various, panels, protests and fundraisers throughout the year.

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