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Since November 4, 2020, Tigray, a northern state in Ethiopia, has faced bombardments and attacks from regional, national and international military bodies. The Ethiopian government has called this ‘a law enforcement mission’, but the stories are contrary to the ground.

The war is being fought in the dark, with a communication blackout since November, independent journalists barred and internal journalists intimidated. There is no or limited access to water, electricity and banks. Tigray is under siege.

With a population of approximately 7 million people, the war on Tigray has reportedly killed 150 thousand people and internally displaced 2.2 million. Currently over 60,000 have arrived to take refuge in Sudan; almost a third of the refugees that arrived are children.

Genocide is being conducted through weaponisation of hunger and rape in addition to ransacked healthcare facilites, mass killings and war crimes at the hands of Eritrean and Ethiopian troops.

The Ethiopian government’s continuous disregard to comply with UN recommendations continues to be a cause for concern.

We call onto you to share the information about Tigray within your networks and amplify the voice of those who have been silenced, raped, murdered, looted, and forced into darkness.


We call on you to share the information about Tigray within your networks and amplify the voice of those who have been silenced, raped, murdered, looted, and forced into darkness.

Please share as much news as you can about the crisis to raise awareness and help to stop the war on Tigray.

Step by step activism 1:

Please see the letter template below and amend to send to your local MP.


Contact your local government representative. If you are unsure of who your representative is, enter your Postcode in the link provided - https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP


Click here to download the MP letter template (Microsoft Word).


Please email:

robertsonl@parliament.uk - Chair for APPG for Ethiopia and Djibouti with the letter below

Click here to download letter (Microsoft Word).


Contact your respective country's government development institutions, for example in the UK it would be the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.


Contact All-Party Parliamentary Group in Ethiopia and Djibouti and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Africa (above).


As our religious leaders and their institutions in Tigray continue to suffer, please Contact religious leaders in your respective countries i.e. the Head of the Catholic Church, Head of the Muslim Council and the Head of the Orthodox Church.


If you are student you should raise your concerns with keys figures in your institutions, find and join student unions that can help amplify your concerns on the war in Tigray.


If you have not already, reach out to your local Tigrayan community and join their efforts - there is always something you can offer.


Please make use of the Twitter app and ensure you are using the correct hashtags.

Step by step activism 2:

Send a letter letter to UNHCR about our refugees in Sudan

Click here to download the letter template (Microsoft Word).

Please Email UNHCR at the address below urgently:


These social media pages can offer up to date information on what's happening in Tigray & it's people.

On Instagram: @TigrayYouthNetwork

Twitter: @Tigrayyouthntwk

Facebook: @Tigray Youth Network

Stay updated with our regular article releases here.


Please check out other initiatives further down on this page for Tigrayan and Tigrayan affiliated groups who are also raising awareness and taking action. 


There are pre-made tweets readily available to click and tweet here.

Donate below or find out more on what your donations can help with here.

Find out more info on how to buy Merch from Rise Up For Tigray & Tigray Foundation  here.

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