About Us

A Few Words - Meet some of the TYN Team!

About Us

Tigray Youth Network are a collective that aims to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow. Through workshops and providing safe spaces, we hope to bring together the Tigrayan Diaspora, and as a domino effect, aspire to enrich the lives of our people both here and back home.

As Tigrayan individuals, we learn the importance of nurturing a profound sense of unity, akin to a close-knit family. The Tigray Youth Network aspires to extend its hand in assistance and support to those in need of our resources. Our aim is to serve as advocates for those who’s voices have been subdued and to foster a community for young people in the UK.

TYN Chair
Our Agenda

TYN’s agenda is simple: support, empower, and progress.

We strive for TYN to become a hub for the young Tigrayan community in the UK as well as a force for the betterment of Tigray, by bridging the gap between the Diaspora across the UK, EU and the world.

We have been working with the community in the UK as well as advocacy and non-profit groups such as OMNA Tigray, Tsinat, Mekete UK, TDA UK and many more.
Structured leadership team with annual leadership elections and code of conduct for all members.
Dedicated Advocacy team taking initiative to lead with other community groups on key topics for Tigray.
Dedicated Fundraising team focused on finding effective ways to fundraise and allocate funds to crucial causes.
Organizing regular social fundraising events to maintain a sense of community for Tigrayans in the UK.
The Team

Our Goals

Our team is passionate about what we do.

We currently have over 200 members and are always looking for those in our community who have skills and want to get involved, please get in touch with us to find out more!

Currently, our focus and main target is to advocate for Tigray, to stop #TigrayGenocide and work on finding different ways to help our people during these turbulent times.


In addition to our commitment to unity and support, the Tigray Youth Network also places a strong emphasis on education and empowerment, aiming to equip our youth with the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders and change-makers in our community and beyond through mentorship programs, workshops, and educational initiatives.