Highlight: Tigray Foundation

Tigray foundation is a nonprofit organisation founded by Danait kiros in response to the war in Tigray and has subsequently caused the current humanitarian crisis.

Tigray foundation is dedicated to help displaced Tigrayans within Tigray and Tigrayan refugees residing in Sudan. To do so, Tigray Foundation is using its social media platform to sell merchandise inspired by the Tigrayan culture and encouraging people to stand with Tigray and as result, the all proceeds will be ustilised to support those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

As of recent, Danait visited a refugee camp site, in Sudan, with aid supplies like corn, mattresses, school supplies and hygiene kits to help assist the refugees. All this was funded by all the proceeds from merch sales and donations during live fundraiser events that Danait hosted.

The mission is to continue to raise money and help support even more Tigrayans who are dire need of aid.

You can contact Tigray Foundation or order via the instagram page – @Tigray_foundation