Rise Up For Tigray

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Highlight: Rise Up For Tigray (RUFT)

TYN works closely with Rise Up For Tigray who have raised over £30,000 (2m+ birr) to help the victims of war & Tigrayans displaced due to war in Sudan & Tigray. Your support is helping thousands of people that have been internally displaced as a result of the Genocidal war waged against the people of Tigray by the Ethiopian government. Rise Up For Tigray also provide the opportunity to purchase various stylish and patriotic clothing items and flags, the proceeds of which will 100% be donated to Tigray.

Donate: RUFT Mission

The team at Rise up for Tigray (RUFT)  have been providing life saving humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the ongoing genocidal war in Tigray. We have provided shelter, food, feminine hygiene products, medical supplies, and other essentials to to Mekelle, Axum, Adigrat and we’re currently working on Shire. We have reached over 10,000 IDP through our GoFundMe and collaboration’s with Tegaru youth groups and individuals across the world. To date, we have sent over £30,000 (2m+ birr) in aid.

Rise up for those displaced in Tigray, organised by Meley Zemelak
We have an emergency request ! Since the war broke out in Tigray November 4th 2… Meley Zemelak needs your support for Rise up for those displaced in Tigray 

RUFT’s mission is to continue this crucial and life saving work with the support of our donors donating, sharing our page and purchasing our merchandise. Videos of some of the work can be seen here!