TYN’s Demands for the UK Government

  • Sanctions: 
    • The UK should impose a travel ban on all Military Officials and Generals.
    • The UK should impose economic sanctions on all Ethiopian-origin imports, UK exports, and suspend all Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), pending a cease-fire and unrestricted humanitarian access to Tigray.
    • The UK should impose an arms embargo to cut off military supplies to the Ethiopian government.
    • The UK should impose the expulsion of all invading forces and demand verification of the expulsion of Eritrean forces from Tigray.
    • The UK should work to impose the previously lifted UN Security Council arms embargo and targeted sanctions against the Eritrean government. Eritrea under President Isaias Afwerki continues to be a destabilising force in the Horn of Africa.


The UK should withhold aid to Ethiopia until the following independent investigations are conducted:

  • The UK should demand an investigation into the war crimes orchestrated by PM Abiy Ahmed, weaponised starvation, restriction of aid, sexual violence and extrajudicial killings.
  • The UK should demand independent investigations into the use of ethnic profiling, mass arrests and termination of employment of Tigrayans in Ethiopia.
  • The UK should demand an independent investigation into the involvement of government-owned Ethiopian Airlines in the war on Tigray.
  • The UK should demand an investigation into the assassinations of retired TPLF officials: former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seyoum Mesfin; former Minister of Federal Affairs, Abay Tsehaye; former Ethiopian Parliament Chief Whip, Asmelash Woldeselassie.
  • The UK should demand an investigation into the killings of NGO staff, given the recent killings of Médecins Sans Frontières staff María Hernández, Yohannes Halefom and Tedros Gebremariam.
  • Advocacy/Outcomes: 
    • The UK should use its position at the UN Security Council to demand unfettered humanitarian access.
    • The UK should push for unrestricted independent media access into the region to establish the reality of the conflict.
    • The UK should urge individual countries that have development partnerships with the Ethiopian government to push for all-inclusive national dialogue.
    • The UK should facilitate dialogue with UNESCO and relevant parties to address looted heritage sites and demand the return of religious artefacts taken from Tigray.
    • The UK should use its position on the UN Security Council to demand a need for independent human rights monitors on the ground.